Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Argument + Counter

My question is mainly why does brand logic tie in so heavily into athletics in universities, specifically why are crimes affiliated w sports programs not handeled in a timely fashion. My argument comes down to money. Schools pay tons of money to generate revenue, make profit, and make sports the face of their brands. Establishing and then continuously developing that brand is hard w/o sports. If you expose every crime whether petty or grand, sports would most likely be close to nothing for many schools.
On the contrary, what if taking on a situation too quickly backfires on your brand. For instance, though some may say that the duke lacrosse case lingered on for too long, the initial reaction was actually rather drastic. Suspending students, coach, and team, then the players ending up innocent may have tainted Duke's name unnecessarily.

Lit Review 5

Lynn Zinser + Fl. St Scandal

Zinser, Lynn. “Florida St. Penalized for Fraud.” New York Times, (1923 - Current file): 1 Mar   07 2009. Pro Quest. Web. 2 Mar 2015.
Lynn Zinser is a sports journalist/writer for The New York Times. Prior to doing so she graduated from Syracuse as a sports and news writing major and worked in the same position for The Star Ledger. That being the case her academics may not say much when it comes to the politics behind the NCAA however she is very knowledgeable in the field of media and has been exposed to many student athlete cases.

"Academic fraud is among the most egregious of N.C.A.A violations" (Zinser)
"there were warning signs that academic improperties had been taking place, but these warning signs were, for the most part, ignored" (Zinser)
"Florida State did an investigation in 2007 that promptedthe football team to suspend 23 players" (Zinser)

I believe she will help my research because she is not a coach she is not a researcher, but one who is heavily involved in the media. She sheds light on florida state's academic flaws which tainted their brand, by way of brand logic those involved attempted to keep confidential.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Interview, blog # 8

The link above connects to an interview on 60 minutes by Armen Keteyian in 2015, nine years after the Duke Lacrosse case. He interviews Mike Pressler, then coach of Duke Lacrosse team, with inputs by Mike Nifong and Chris Kennedy.

Blog Post #7 My Case

The case that I'll be exploring is the case of Duke Lacrosse vs Crystal Mangum, which began in 2006 and reached a clear innocent/guilty verdict in 2007. The year long process was caused by an alleged hate crime by 3 white Duke lacrosse players accused of raping Crystal Mangum, a black escort/stripper who attended NC Central University. After long deliberation, harsh evidence, and falsely suspending coaches and the athletic program for the remainder of the 2006 season, the three lacrosse players were found innocent. This is a case of reverse racism, for lack of a better word. A lot of times throughout history, african-american athletes and students have been tried for allegedly raping caucasian females, however this twist adds another dynamic to the story. I am going to focus on this case because it dabbles in all of the ideas I'd like to touch on; Privatization, brand logic, student athletes + crimes, and most importantly, would the case have been handled so readily had the alleged suspects not been Duke lacrosse players?

College Athletics Expenses and Profits Blog #6

1University of Texas (Football)$93,942,815$25,112,331$68,830,484
2Univ. of Georgia (Football)$70,838,539$18,308,654$52,529,885
3Penn State Univ. (Football)$70,208,584$19,780,939$50,427,645
4Univ. of Michigan (Football)$63,189,417$18,328,233$44,861,184
5Univ. of Florida (Football)$68,715,750$24,457,557$44,258,193
6Louisiana State Univ. (Football)$68,819,806$25,566,520$43,253,286
7Univ. of Alabama (Football)$71,884,525$31,118,134$40,766,391
8Univ. of Tennessee (Football)$56,593,946$17,357,345$39,236,601
9Auburn Univ. (Football)$66,162,720$27,911,713$38,251,007
10University of Oklahoma (Football)$58,295,888$20,150,769$38,145,119
11Univ. of South Carolina (Football)$58,266,159$22,794,211$35,471,948
12Notre Dame (Football)$64,163,063$29,490,788$34,672,275
13University of Nebraska (Football)$49,928,228$17,843,849$32,084,379
14Ohio State Univ. (Football)$63,750,000$31,763,036$31,986,964
15Univ. of Iowa (Football)$45,854,764$18,468,732$27,386,032
16Michigan State Univ. (Football)$44,462,659$17,468,458$26,994,201
17Univ. of Arkansas (Football)$48,524,244$22,005,104$26,519,140
18Texas A&M (Football)$41,915,428$16,599,798$25,315,630
19Univ. of Kentucky (Football)$31,890,572$13,905,724$17,984,848
20Oklahoma State (Football)$32,787,498$15,479,410$17,308,088
21University of Louisville (Basketball)$25,890,003$9,089,769$16,800,234
22Univ. of Wisconsin (Football)$38,662,971$22,041,491$16,621,480
23Univ. of Mississippi (Football)$28,409,774$11,920,510$16,489,264
24West Virginia University (Football)$29,467,612$14,330,236$15,137,376
25Univ. of Minnesota (Football)$32,322,688$17,433,699$14,888,989
26Virginia Tech (Football)$31,155,870$16,302,767$14,853,103
27Univ of Washington (Football)$33,919,639$19,207,560$14,712,079
28Clemson Univ. (Football)$30,994,503$16,305,528$14,688,975
29Duke (Basketball)$26,667,056$12,286,475$14,380,581
30Univ. of Illinois (Football)$25,301,783$11,092,122$14,209,661
31North Carolina (Basketball)$20,551,168$6,647,459$13,903,709
32University of Colorado (Football)$26,233,929$12,558,503$13,675,426
33Univ of Arizona (Basketball)$19,285,038$5,806,535$13,478,503
34Ohio St. (Basketball)$16,190,723$4,554,908$11,635,815
35University of Missouri (Football)$25,378,066$13,759,649$11,618,417
36North Carolina State (Football)$22,018,738$10,408,938$11,609,800
37Arizona State (Football)$29,587,236$17,977,987$11,609,249
38Texas Tech (Football)$26,201,009$14,688,382$11,512,627
39Univ of Oregon (Football)$29,505,906$18,071,012$11,434,894
40Univ of Arizona (Football)$24,398,253$13,685,931$10,712,322
41Syracuse University (Basketball)$18,309,470$8,086,376$10,223,094
42Wisconsin (Basketball)$17,666,311$7,539,418$10,126,893
43Illinois (Basketball)$14,413,222$4,980,589$9,432,633
44Georgia Tech (Football)$24,870,064$15,519,206$9,350,858
45Indiana Univ. (Football)$21,783,185$12,822,779$8,960,406
46Indiana (Basketball)$16,570,158$7,653,945$8,916,213
47Univ. of Arkansas (Basketball)$15,515,830$6,839,213$8,676,617
48Univ of Southern California (Football)$29,080,117$20,820,468$8,259,649
49Minnesota (Basketball)$13,733,316$5,692,149$8,041,167
50Michigan St. (Basketball)$16,138,167$8,250,450$7,887,717

The margin of profit that institutions make off of athletic programs is outstanding. The University of Texas has always been the prime winner, with nearly 70 million dollars in profit in 2009. That being said, colleges will do anything to protect their breadwinners, those being their student athletes and their respective programs.